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Jakera & Co.

Cashew Chocolate Chip Oat Butter

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Slow roasted oats and cashews, blended with brown sugar, vanilla extract, a pinch of pink himalayan salt, and kisses of dairy-free chocolate chips swirled throughout. 

On days when you don't have time to preheat your oven, make cookie dough from scratch and wait for them to bake and cool, our Cashew Chocolate Chip Oat Butter is the perfect alternative to satisfy any sweet tooth. Your very first bite of this spread will be the most intriguing as the texture is crunchy, chewy and delicate. Your second spoon will be magical as all the flavors start to come alive into one beautiful symphony.

Each jar is handcrafted with organic, wholesome ingredients. You can use this sweet spread in many different ways: Spread It. Bake It. Dip It. Drizzle It. The possibilities are endless.