Reclaiming the sanctity of ordinary.

New Products in the Pantry

Our new small-batch super fine granola makes any moment sweeter.

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Wonder in a Jar

Each jar is inspired by freshly homemade cookies that brings you back to simpler, magical times.

A Touch of Simple Elegance

Our 100% cotton handmade dishcloths are the perfect addition to any kitchen.

About Jakera & Co.

Our ever-growing product line started in my kitchen, when I longed to bring back nostalgic memories of baking cookies with my Nana. Her role was to put all the ingredients in the bowl and mine was to lick the spoon. I want to bring the magic of the ordinary and simple times back to the kitchen. With two humble ingredients - oats and nuts, I created a collection of spreads that brings classic flavors to your home, in a healthy and guilt-free way. Today we have three flavors, Cashew Chocolate Chip, Cashew Cinnamon Raisin, and Vanilla Almond. We plan to expand to more classic and unique flavors from around the world so that everyone can create sweet moments in their kitchen, like my nana and I.

I hope you enjoy each handcrafted jar as much as I do.

XO - J